In addition to being a convenient entry aid the Handybar® is also a safe lifehammer

 The Handybar® is equipped with an extra hardened point that allows you to smash a window to bring you to safety when you are trapped in the car or when you have landed in the water.


 The integrated cutting part just above the handle makes the Handybar® also into a seat belt cutter when you find yourself trapped in your vehicle and the seatbelts can no longer be unstrapped.

Product code: PR40013

Recommended Retail Price:


€ 34,95


Getting in and out of a vehicle can be problematic. Back problems, physical disabilities, pregnancy, obesity or simply ageing makes it more difficult to get in or out of your vehicle. The Handybar® is the solution!


The Handybar® makes it easier to get in and out of your car.


Many people at home and abroad discovered the Handybar® and are very satisfied with this amazing product that increases your mobility.


By placing the Handybar® in the lock bracket, you create an additional handle which makes   getting in and out of the car much easier. Below you will see how easy it is to use the Handybar®.



Open the door of your vehicle


Place the Handybar® firmly in the lock bracket of your car

Press the Handybar® forward now. The Handybar will now firmly be secured in the lock

You now have created an extra "handle" and can now leave your vehicle with the support of your Handybar®